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THE COMFORT ZONE TRIBE: 4 Comfort Zone Challenges and 2 Life Experiments over the course of 2 Weeks. A lot of us walk around day-to-day floating by, never truly connecting with one another, out of touch with our self-awareness and caught up in our negative thoughts. This was me, until I began to do these Comfort Zone Challenges. This FREE life-changing, no-turning-back-now course is designed to challenge you internally, give you an opportunity to step into yourself, and make you feel limitless and untouchable when it’s all through. If you’re up for it, if you’re thinking to yourself, “F*ck yeah I am ready to step up”, if you’re curious just what you’ve got inside of you – I created this course FOR YOU. Leap and the net will appear.  

What This Website Is About & Are You In The Right Place?

Hi there. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Lauren Rains. It is a pleasure to have you here. Everything you find here is shared with the intention of providing resources you can apply to your pursuits based on my successes and failures in my experiments, acting both as a leader and follower in the community of ambitious seekers and creators, and hopefully acting as a form of humble yet powerful inspiration and support for anyone who needs it.

If you’re in love with with personal growth, stretching your comfort zones, unfolding into the person you’re meant to be, learning new skills, creating and running businesses that align with you, and making a positive impact, then you’ve just found a website made for you! 





Observations: Beijing Nostalgia

March 8th, 2015|Comments Off on Observations: Beijing Nostalgia

I get flashbacks every now and then that take me back to the year I lived in Beijing. With the exception of my memories & lessons learned, there's nothing left of that "life" in my life [...]

Observations: The Roots of Who We Are Inside What We Do

March 2nd, 2015|Comments Off on Observations: The Roots of Who We Are Inside What We Do

We are what we think. There are some people in this world who have an awareness of who they are. In fact, they're so aware of who they are at their root, that no matter [...]

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I study *thriving* people across a wide range of fields – creative entrepreneurs & artists, cultured world-travelers & adventurers, intellectual hippies and free-spirited professionals – to unearth the philosophies, habits and life-lessons that make them some of the happiest, most successful, and most self-aware people on this earth.  I then turn these findings into actionable Life Experiments & Comfort Zone Challenges.

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I write about this incredible, wild, and sometimes challenging ride we call life. I do this with a focus on psychology, philosophy, and actionable resources.