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Observations: Beijing Nostalgia

Photo_Beijing NostalgiaI get flashbacks every now and then that take me back to the year I lived in Beijing. With the exception of my memories & lessons learned, there’s nothing left of that “life” in my life today. The nostalgia is bittersweet, and I’m incredibly aware of the fleetingness of those short lifetimes within our also our short lives, that we think will and hope and wish would last forever. It’s as if I’m right back there. Right back in that crazy city, cozy in my 29th story apartment looking out on the hustle and bustle below us, and watching bootleg movies with my significant other whom I shared that space with. Those were the days when I walked around with the innocence of a girl who didn’t know what it is to be a woman yet, twenty-two years old without a purpose or direction, and incredibly full of wonder.

Observations: The Roots of Who We Are Inside What We Do

photo_roots in who we areWe are what we think.

There are some people in this world who have an awareness of who they are. In fact, they’re so aware of who they are at their root, that no matter what they take action, they are still who they are. This is because we are not ultimately defined by what we do. The doing is just a tangible support system that we can measure to determine who we are along the path.

A writer is always a writer. They are a writer when they are grocery shopping. They are a writer when they are eating breakfast. They have the thoughts of a writer when they’re in the shower, or relaxing with a lover after sex, or when they’re simply walking around town. They are not spread thin by thousands of other identities or pursuits. This is what they think about, and therefore, all that they do ultimately pushes them closer and closer to their goals as a writer.

Everything in your life becomes an opportunity for inspiration, a place to develop ideas, a person to learn from, a new way to get to wherever it is you’re intuition is telling you that you can and must go to.

There is actually freedom in structure and commitment. It’s the freedom that comes from roots. Because without them, you’d be blowing in the wind for all eternity, only getting a fleeting glimpse at each place you land.

Image Credit: Artwork from PiqueStudios