Welcome to the Comfort Zone Tribe.

I started doing comfort zone challenges because I realized that within everything I did, everywhere I went, every person I talked to, there was a subtle anxiety and fear lurking within me saying, “Be careful. Don’t get to close to the edge, you could get hurt.”

The only way to intentionally switch our mindset and self perception is through actual experience. In fact, neurologically, be creating new memories, we can physically rewire our brains to see ourselves in a different light. On top of that, completing these challenges makes you feel alive, teaches you to love yourself, builds your confidence in yourself, and shatters any fears you may have of the world.

Peruse the library below, and dive in. Be sure to share #CZCTribe on social media so I along with other members of the tribe can congratulate you, and you can inspire others considering joining.

Joining the TRIBE is FREE. All you have to do is complete your first challenge, and you’re a member for life.


How many hugs can you give / get in 1 hour?


When is the last time you stared into another human’s eyes for 1 minute straight, no talking, no goofy faces, just pure and simple eye contact.


Living in integrity with ourselves and our communication with others is one of the easiest things to place on the back-burner.


We grow up learning not to talk to strangers. One compliment at a time, let’s stop fearing one another.


Learn how to stop caring with others think about you.


When is the last time you embraced solitude on a solo journey of self reflection?