Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m often in regular contact with fellow bloggers, adventurers, travelers, and creatives. It’s a huge part of my *WHY* for sharing through this website. In addition, if you’re a business or organization who’d like to discuss collaboration, let’s start the conversation here. Thanks again for your interested, time, and being here! BUEN VIAJE.

You can reach me directly at



1.) Collaboration: Want to see if there’s a good fit for us to do a Microadventure or Life Experiment together. Are you working on a passion project and think there could be some synergy. Let me know your idea, and let’s see if some brainstorming could lead to something in real life.

2.) Support: If you’re stuck in some kind of hamster-wheel and need an ear to voice it to and some actionable advice and wisdom sent back to you, get in touch with me. I love to help people in this way. It makes me happy to be there for others.

3.) Make Me Laugh: I love to laugh. I’m not sure I could go on without laughter. Tell me a funny story, a good one-liner, or send me your favorite hilarious YouTube video or GIF. Laughter is always welcome here.


1.) Interviews & Features: I’ve been featured on publications such as Women’s Adventure Magazine, Outdoor Minded Mag, and Sidetracked.

2.) Guest Posts: Please send me the URL to your website as well as a brief description of your area of focus and audience. Let me know what type of Guest Post you’re interested in having me write.

3.) Sponsorship: Interested in having your product/service featured/tested through a Microadventure or Life Experiment. I’ll work with your company to hand-craft a marketing plan that stays authentic to my story and yours.

4.) Tourism Boards: Interested in bringing a Microadventure or Life Experiment to your town, county, state, or country, get in touch.