What Is The Idea-to-Reality Lab? Which is more essential? The person who came up with the idea, or the one who was able to run with it and implement? The two need each other. My name is Lauren Rains, and I’m an idea person. I could brainstorm, problem-solve, and innovate all day long. However, an idea remains nothing more than words on a piece of paper if it isn’t at least experimented on.

I believe we can be passionately curious, visionary idea people, and still tap into our left brains in order to execute and see things through. That’s what the Idea-to-Reality Lab is all about. Join me as I develop repeatable processes of execution, push past the hurtles between starting and finishing a project, win, fail, celebrate, get stuck, move on, and ultimately, take my ideas and bring them into reality.

Road Trip of Solitude

A two month road trip exploring the depths of self-awareness, healing, and personal growth found in solitude.

Become An Artist

En exploratory one year journey of trying different art mediums in order to develop my own unique style and showcase my collection in galleries.

Tri Frames

An aggressive innovation challenge to prototype, reiterate, perfect, launch, and sell an invention in just 30 days.

This idea was inspired by Matt Giovanisci’s MoneyLab idea.